The Cailleach and the Hunters

This is a story I’ve embellished from an old British tale of the Cailleach. I’ve taken liberties in setting (Ireland instead of Britain), in time (nowhere does it indicate that it was at the time of Samhain, but this is … Continue reading “The Cailleach and the Hunters”

Covid Chronicles May 23, 2020

As of this writing almost 5 million people have Covid-19 and 328,000 people have died worldwide. Even so, countries are beginning to open up. I’ll leave it to others to decide whether or not it’s wise. As for me, I … Continue reading “Covid Chronicles May 23, 2020”

The Artful Editor – Part 2

K.M. Weiland said in her podcast, Helping Authors Become Artists, “… I don’t want “just” stories—even ones told with proper form and decent style. I want art. I want transportation. I want to experience things I’ve never experienced before. I want … Continue reading “The Artful Editor – Part 2”