The Cailleach and the Hunters

This is a story I’ve embellished from an old British tale of the Cailleach. I’ve taken liberties in setting (Ireland instead of Britain), in time (nowhere does it indicate that it was at the time of Samhain, but this is … Continue reading “The Cailleach and the Hunters”

First Review by Lava Mueller

I’m excited, pleased and grateful to get this first review on Runes from Lava. Magical beyond magical! July 29, 2019 Even more riveting than Book One (which was extremely riveting), this second book in Heidi Hanley’s Uisneach Series takes the … Continue reading “First Review by Lava Mueller”

The Soundtrack of The Prophecy

Scientists have written extensively about the effect of music on the limbic, paralimbic system, the amygdala and hippocampus. There are chemical and neural reasons we get a chill when listening to a certain kind of music. Also well documented is … Continue reading “The Soundtrack of The Prophecy”