Heidi Hanley

It took me fifty years to realize that waking up in a different world everyday was not a bad thing and that perhaps I should consider sharing my worlds with friends. The Kingdom of Uisneach series is my attempt to do that.

There are worse things than living in a world of kings, queens, warriors, bards, and all manner of magical beings. After a life spent burying myself in the imagination of others and bemoaning my inability to create such a story myself, I was challenged by my husband and a friend to bust down the barriers to my own creativity and just do it! I did and it significantly elevated the quality of my life, so I’m now a huge fan of living in magical worlds.

I have been blessed by careers as a Registered Nurse, an interfaith minister and hospice chaplain, but ever flowing beneath the surface was my passion for books and writing. Whether I was writing care plans, Sunday sermons, or journaling my own personal odyssey of life, I crafted words in ways that others found…interesting. In writing the Kingdom of Uisneach series, I am liberating my imagination from any self or otherwise imposed fetters and letting it fly.

The first book in The Kingdom of Uisneach series is The Prophecy. The second book, The Runes of Evalon is due out in May 2019

Behold Uisneach!

Enter the kingdom and a magical world of beauty, mystery and a wee bit of danger. Don't worry, there are friends here to keep us safe. I hope you enjoy your visit and decide to stay a while.