Kingdom of Uisneach

Dreams of battle. A king offering a crown. Longing for a faceless archer. From a quiet life in Maine, Briana Brennan, landscape designer and bookworm, is led into the woods and through a tree, where she emerges a savior of the mythic kingdom of Uisneach.

She must begin the journey through a land terrorized by the evil Lord Shamwa. Guided by the stalwart Lord Marshall Sigel and the handsome young bard, Silas of Cedarmara and mentored by a forest crone and a shapeshifting crow, she must discover how to use the black medallions they wear to unlock the curse and rescue the king.

...unlock the secrets of the medallions

Or will it?

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The Prophecy

Kingdom of Uisneach

Book 1

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The Runes of Evalon

Kingdom of Uisneach

Book 2

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Book Three

Planned for early 2020

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